Blaine Robin

Peg 3 – Applied Research (Assistive Technology)

- “ For people without disabilities technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities technology makes things possible " - IBM training manual 1991.

Occupational Therapists innovate and use applied research processes to solve problems that enable people with disabilities to live to their optimum independence. They provide intervention in physical and psychological well being settings across the whole age range.

Case example 1 : Helping an elderly gentleman diagnosed with alcoholism, also showing early signs of memory loss, to manage his monthly welfare budget so that he can be enable to pay for a personal assistant to help him wash and dress himself. The personal assistant can help the gentleman learn how to use a cell phone to call for help and assistance should he feel alone or vulnerable.

Case example 2 : A young single mother is currently in a rented property and cannot access the main entrance of her home because she cannot fit through the main entrance. The occupational therapist works with an architect to design a new home. A purpose built home will no longer help her feel trapped within her home.

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