Blaine Robin

Peg 4 – Global Activism

- “ Truth never damages a cause that is just”. - Mahatma Ghandi

Blaine Robin supports people who experience social exclusion. His commitment to the use of ethnography (participant observation) helped him to uncover issues such as inappropriate hospital related deaths; feelings of community alienation amongst white working class communities in the UK context; serious youth crime and gang culture; homelessness; the merits of multiculturalism; Identity and belonging amongst Sri Lanka Tamil community and the contribution to Europe of the Roma Gypsy traveller community.

Blaine Robin’s view is that social science disciplines of history, archaeology, sociology and psychology can be applied to understanding key aspects of real life events particularly social problems. As a descendant of slave heritage Blaine Robin is a supporter of the CARICOM 10 point reparatory justice system. For further reading go to:

Blaine Robin also actively supports the United Nations  (resolution 68/237) International Decade for people of

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